Community Scholars:
Specific courses designed to enhance community building and community capacity of local residents. These are nondegree, noncredit courses that support the institutionís outreach mission.

Education (K-12):
Anything from curriculum reform to remedial programs for K-12.

Job Training/Micro-Enterprise Assistance:
Efforts that help local residents break down barriers to employment, including basic education, job training, employment searches, and technical assistance to entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Economic Development:
Assistance the help ensure, expand, and create economic opportunities for distressed communities and their residents.

Consolidated/Strategic Planning:
Development of a vision of what the community wants to be and a plan for implementing that vision. Including assistance with development of information, resolution of internal conflicts, development of strategies, and assistance in building capacity to forge partnerships.

Affordable, Public Housing/Fair Housing:
Research, technical assistance, and skills training that help housing developers produce more affordable housing and help consumers navigate the process of buying and maintaining it. COPC does not fund the production or operation of affordable housing.

Leadership/CBO Capacity Building:
Training and technical assistance that build the capacity of community groups and increase the leadership skills of neighborhood residents.

Health, Safety and Environment:
Assist communities to identify, understand, and respond to threats to their well-being. Help create innovative projects to fight disease, crime, and environmental degradation.

Information Sharing/Applied Research:
Includes efforts to create online databases, develop community Web sites, expand access community resources, and any other activities that increase access to information. Also includes applied research activities.

Development of university programs, that are an integral part of coursework, in which students engage in activities relating to the community for credit in courses and/or toward fulfilling service goals or requirements.

Community Development Work-Study:
Development of community work-study programs, that are intergral part of Students working within the community.