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Census Tract Street Locator
This source is useful for people applying for grants from institutions that must prove they serve a certain poverty group. Simply enter in a street address and ZIP code, and a list will be generated of census tracts surrounding that location. Profile options are available for each search result, including information on race, income distribution, education level, household income, etc.

Directory of Development Associations
The directory lists more than 18,500 individual contacts of organizations that offer (non-)financial support, information, and advice to the enterprise sector.

Education for Sustainable Development Tool Kit
A new toolkit has been developed to help both educators and community leaders create locally relevant educational materials concerning sustainable development.

Other Readings

Working Guidelines for Community-University Partnerships from University of Tennessee Knoxville
Adapted from a Wingspread meeting via Lucie White (October 1999)
These guidelines are designed to be adapted by each partnership to its own conditions and circumstances and to function as an approach for action, not as a rigid prescription.

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